WHAT WE DO | Media Monitoring

Use our custom technology to see and quantify media coverage,
while ensuring lightning fast reaction to customer feedback

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What could you do with our Media Monitoring solution?

Our solution

We were so frustrated with the offerings available in South Africa that we decided to develop our own! It’s important for a business to be aware of media coverage across print and social media, while also quantifying your success in terms of positive publicity.

Current and past customers will talk about a business across many platforms, from Google Reviews, to Facebook, Tripadvisor and many more. There’s also local channels for South African businesses to worry about, like Hellopeter. Sometimes the sheer volume can be overwhelming, but if you don’t address the important items quickly then they can snowball quickly.

Media isn’t all about handling negative feedback though, it’s also important to quantify and monitor your press coverage. If media channels are giving you positive coverage, you can reinforce this support in the long term by spending advertising revenue in the same places. It can also be useful to quantify the value of the coverage you’re getting, as a 1 or 2 page spread given for free based on a relationship directly correlates to what you’d have to have paid for the same coverage. It’s useless to measure marketing spend if you’re also not valuing the outcomes from those investments or separate PR engagements and relationships. There’s many places you have to look though, like South African specialist publications or general web coverage for online providers. Having good information means making good decisions on your marketing.

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Our AI-driven solution monitors multiple South African and international media houses, looking for coverage of your business or specific offerings you have. It also integrates with Google Alerts, to identify those offerings on a wider basis. We collect and collate all the URLs to sites and PDFs where this coverage can be viewed. You can add your own, as well as removing matches that were flagged incorrectly.

For social media, we monitor the main platforms and look for comments either on your own channels or in public forums mentioning your business or offering by name. We use sentiment analysis to identify the comments that are most concerning, so that they can be flagged for more urgent action.

We automatically generate PowerPoint presentations – based on your own template designs – to enable you to share this data internally.