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What could you do with tailor-made custom integration?

Web Design

APIs and Custom Integration

Sure, there’s many companies out there who can build a website, but we specialise in doing much more than that. Integrate into your customer booking system, get leads from a CRM like Salesforce, or even link directly to your supplier’s custom API.

How can we help?

If you have a supplier with an API, a particular business problem unique to your business, or you waste time moving data from system A to system B, it’s likely you need some developer help. We are very confident that we can help you, and because we know what we’re doing we’ll price it fairly. We also believe in going step-by-step, so you can take it in bite-sized pieces and ensure you’re feeling the benefits of each investment.

Here's an example

A South African travel business was acting as a reseller for a UK adventure travel company. The UK supplier’s site had a huge amount of information about the trips, pricing and availability, which changed daily. It would have been impossible to keep up with this depth of content, so we built tooling to dynamically copy pricing, availability and trip details onto their local site. This gave the customers the information they needed, while also being tailored for the local market (e.g. Rand based pricing, including transfer details etc.).

Computers Code API Integration