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Integrate your website or custom software with a chatbot,
improving customer service especially out-of-hours

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What could you do with a Chatbot?

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What is a chatbot?

There’s many options of chatbot. The choice is so overwhelming that many companies struggle to get started, but the principles are quite simple. A chatbot can appear on your website or perhaps power your WhatsApp or Facebook chat account.

The most common chatbot is a simple menu-driven one, where it repeatedly asks you questions until it can either suggest an answer (do you want go on safari or to the beach, what is your budget etc.). More modern chatbots will allow people to get assistance in a conversational manner, using AI to ascertain that “I want to go to the beach on holiday” is likely a similar type of holiday to “I want to get a sun tan”. This uses technology like Amazon Lex that can ingest your website or call centre manual in order to give sensible answers.

We can also assist with more ambitious chatbots, such as enabling you to monitor the chats in real-time and step-in even before the customer gets frustrated and asks to speak to a human. For example, if someone isn’t getting the help they need, they ask an interesting question, or they say something that identifies them as a potential big-spender. We can use AI to flag these scenarios automatically too.